Want to get out of the house, meet new people and have fun?Bread

Trinity Arts is starting a new hobby group, which meets on the third Wednesday evening of the month.

Sessions will range from bread making to Christmas flower table decorations, hand massage and continental chocolates at Easter.

Trinity Hobbies coordinator Barbara Harvey said, ‘We’ll be a welcome space for those who want to meet other people, perhaps those who feel isolated on their own, or those who want to regularly learn something new. In fact this group will be great to anyone.’

The first session is on Bread and Biscuit Making on 17 October from 8pm – 10pm, cost just £1.50 to cover costs, including refreshments. It will be held at Holy Trinity Church Parish Centre on Hoghton Street.

The group is also appealing for ideas for future evenings – and people willing to run the two-hour sessions, so any photographers, calligraphers, scrapbookers or others, who would like to donate their services, please contact marketing@trinityarts.org.uk

The group may also be featured in the Asda Green Token Giving Programme in the autumn so people can donate that way.

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