2018 Art Exhibition

Thanks to everyone who attended or exhibited at our annual art exhibition in May – a great time was had by all! There were over 230 pieces of artwork and we had more than 200 people visiting over the weekend. Some visitors attended just to see the work of Albin Trowski, a¬†Polish artist who had served in four armies in WWII. He was injured in the D-Day landings and then recovered in Ormskirk, going on to study art after the war at the Liverpool School of Art. Our display featured a collection of his ‘Tramps’ artwork.

Organiser Rob McCrimmon said the event had been very successful. “The quality of the artwork was great. We had more photography this year which added a diversity to the exhibition and with our first featured artist Trowski we also attracted new visitors. We also had 20% new artists and it was very encouraging to welcome these new exhibitors. Thanks to everyone who helped make it a success!”

If you’re artistic, why not enter the exhibition next year – you keep all the sale money.

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